World Editions originates from the independent and respected Netherlands-based publishing house De Geus which was founded in 1983 by Eric Visser. Since 2016, World Editions is a part of the independent publishing group Libella, led by internationally renowned Vera Michalski. Libella is a truly European publishing group based in Switzerland, France and Poland and committed to contributing to intercultural dialogue. Publishing Director Judith Uyterlinde is renowned for her commitment to writers from all over the world and her broad knowledge of literature and languages. An author herself, whose books have been translated into over twenty languages, Judith has served as publisher at several European literary publishing houses and as judge for the European Literature Prize.

World Editions expanded its international presence in March 2018 by founding a US entity and now has offices in Amsterdam, London and New York. Some of the highlights publishing in the US this year are Craving by the award-winning Dutch author Esther Gerritsen, the winner of the prestigious Dutch Bookseller Award You Have Me to Love by Jaap Robben and Always Another Country by the South African writer Sisonke Msimang, whose TED talk on the power of the story was watched over 1 million times. In the UK, a major 2018 release is the renowned Colombian author Héctor Abad’s novel The Farm.