Mary of Kivu

Mary of Kivu

By Gary Barker

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Mary of Kivu has a reputation as a miraculous healer. Queues of sick people wait outside her home near the Congolese-Rwandan border in Central Africa. Keith Masterson, an American journalist, is determined to unravel the story of this mysterious woman, hoping to find something to add color to his reports on war, violence, and poverty. Against all odds, she decides to see him and tells him a story she has told no-one before. During these meetings, Keith starts to uncover…
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‘This is an astonishing book, heartrendingly told, of the human toll of the chronic conflicts in Africa and of the capacity of healing. Mary’s story is achingly real, her trandescence at once both fabulous and credible. To enter her world is both bracing and riveting. You will never forget her.’—Sociologist Michael Kimmel, author of Angry White Men

About the author

Gary Barker

Gary Barker is the founder of Promundo, an international organization that works in post-conflict Africa, Latin America and in the Middle East to prevent violence. His first novel, Luisa’s Last Words, about civil war in Guatemala, was published to critical acclaim in the Netherlands. He has been awarded an Ashoka Fellowship and an Open Society Fellowship for his research and activism. Barker lives in Washington, D.C. Photo: © Andy Del Guidice