The Last Poets

The Last Poets (UK edition)

By Christine Otten

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Harlem, 1969. The air is charged with hope and revolution; the Black Panthers are in their prime. This is the backdrop against which The Last Poets wrote their passionate, self-critical poetry. Some twenty years later, young hip-hop bands drew on the Last Poets’ legacy, making them the ‘founding fathers’ of hip-hop.
Christine Otten’s audacious novel is based on the The Last Poets’ life stories, from their youth in the ghetto to their love lives, triumphs, and defeats. The Last Poets is…
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Literary novel




Jonathan Reeder

Original Title

De laatste dichters

Year of publication


'Sometimes you read a novel that suddenly changes your life—this is one of them.'—Herman Koch, author of The Dinner

Christine Otten

Christine Otten is a Dutch writer, journalist, and performer. The Last Poets, her literary breakthrough, was nominated for various literary prizes and has been adapted for the stage. Otten regularly performs at literary festivals and in theaters. Photo: © Fjodor Buis