Esther Gerritsen – Why I Write

Can I tell a realistic story about a psychopath, so that people will like him? Can I write a book about two kind, reasonable, modest people every reader will begin to detest? Can my protagonist slaughter a flock of sheep in a blind rage, but can we understand her fury, accept her cruelty?

I shuffle facts around, mix up points of view, warp reality, but not because I want to put things into perspective; on the contrary. I do sincerely believe that there is one reality and even a single truth, but all I know is that that truth constantly eludes me.

I don’t like pronouncements like “The dividing line between truth and illusion is wafer-thin,” or “There is no such thing as good and evil”. Good and evil do exist, and madness crosses into an often horrifying and painful no man’s land. But I also understand that people are confused, I am confused myself and all I am trying to do is to investigate how many different ways there are to make us feel confused.