Listen to Christine Otten´s radio interviews with The Last Poets now!

The original Dutch edition of The Last Poets was published over 12 years ago, and is now available in an English translation. Thanks to the superb translation by Jonathan Reeder, The Last Poets were finally able to read the book themselves.

One of the Poets, Abiodun Oyewole, said about the novel: ‘I had the novel in Dutch for about ten years and I couldn’t read it, because I don’t read Dutch … But having it translated in English, and reading what Christine has written; I was very impressed, because she embellished, but her embellishment did not distort any of the facts. They did not infringe upon the truth at all. I think she did a tremendous job of crafting a beautiful work of art.’

Listen to the radio interviews with Christine Otten and The Last Poets here:

BBC Radio Scotland — The Jane Forsyth Show

RTE Radio 1 — Arena with Seán Rocks

BBC Radio 4 — Front Row

Monocle Daily —Monocle



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