The New York Times loves World Editions

World Editions made its first steps in the US market only a couple of months ago and is already being showered with attention from major book reviewers like the New York Times, which published extensive reviews on both Sisonke Msimang’s Always Another Country and Esther Gerritsen’s Craving this November.

Craving ends up offering some deep insights into the ways women process emotions,” the NYT says. This “funny, angry, feminist novel” is “droll and horrific and incredibly moving.” Read more here.

Always Another Country, then, is “a welcome novelty” in “Afropolitan writing”. The review describes how a variety of kinds of insights – on racism, class, and types of belonging – come to Msimang throughout her life, and are shared with her grateful readers along the way. Read the reviewer in its entirety here.

The Financial Times published a rave review of Always Another Country, too. The reviewer is impressed with how “Msimang points unflinchingly to her country’s open wounds,” and with her unsparing criticism for all parties involved, including herself. Read the rest here:

Read more about Craving and Always Another Country.


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