Christine Otten and Tom Lanoye at the Vrystaat Arts Festival in South Africa

Christine Otten, author of The Last Poets, and Tom Lanoye, author of Fortunate Slaves and Speechless, will perform at the Vrystaat Arts Festival in South Africa. The Vrystaat Arts Festival is an Afrikaans language festival that forges creative connections with English and Sotho cultures. We contribute to the exchange of ideas around arts, culture and society through connections with other national and international creative communities.

The festival takes place from 16 to 22 July. You can both Otten and Lanoye on:

  • 18 July – Klawer, kwatryn & konkas : Several artists, including Christine Otten will recite poems, dance or sing to the sounds of Riku Lätti and Basotho-music. Expect the unexpected!The festival takes place from 16 to 22 July. You can see them on:
  • 19 July – Homecoming : Several authors from all over the world, including Christine Otten and Tom Lanoye, discuss questions surrounding the theme of homecoming. How do I feel at home in a world where some feel unwelcome? How do I write myself at home? Is writing my home or my escape? What does ‘home’ really mean?
  • 20 July – Who writes on whose behalf? :  Christine Otten, Dudu Busani-Dube, and Zukiswa Wanner discuss what the ethical implications are when it comes to the writing of the Other? May a white writer, for example, write from the point of view of a black character? How far can you, as an author, transfer yourself to the living world of other communities you are not part of?
  • 20 July – Van die een kontinet na die ander : How does the translation process work between Dutch and Afrikaans? Which books speak to both Afrikaans and Dutch readers? How can you translate the work well for readers of another language and continent? Daniel Hugo, the Afikaans’ translator of Tom Lanoye’s books (including Fortunate Slaves) talks with Rob van der Veer, who recently translated Willem Anker’s Buys into Dutch. Alfred Schaffer, Dutch poet and translator, is the leader in dialogue. Supported by the Flemish Government, Flemish Literature and the Van Ewijck Foundation.

Tickets available at Computicket.



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