World Editions appoints new publishing director Judith Uyterlinde

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you about the appointment of Judith Uyterlinde, who will take over as publishing director of World Editions. Eric Visser, the current publisher will step down from 1 April.

Judith Uyterlinde (1962) started as an English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese translator for the European Community in Brussels. She wrote literary reviews for the newspaper NRC Handelsblad, and was a commissioning editor and publisher for several literary publishing houses, such as De Bezige Bij and J.M. Meulenhoff. Subsequently, she worked as a literary programmer and coordinator for the international literature festival  Winternachten in The Hague. She was a judge for the European Literature Prize and continues to be a judge for the Anton Wachter Prize for literary debuts. Judith has also written several books, one of which, Eisprong, was translated to over twenty languages. Recently, at the request of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Judith coordinated the ‘Guest of Honour’ programme, which presented Dutch and Flemish literature to the international public at the Frankfurt Book fair 2016.

Judith’s experience, her broad knowledge of literature and languages make her unequivocally suited as publishing director to give further shape to World Editions’ vision. She will continue to work on building an international partnership to boost translated literature in the United Kingdom and United States initially.

We are confident that Judith has the full support and loyalty of our authors, translators, publishers, agents, and other establishments who have assisted World Editions in work and deed for the past four years.

Judith Uyterlinde: ‘I am honored that Eric Visser entrusts this beautiful young publishing house to my care. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the passionate way in which Eric has been publisher for De Geus, and how he has shaped World Editions. I share his international orientation and his commitment to writers from all over the world. I look forward to build on the beautifully diverse list he has worked on for the past four years. I am also looking forward to working with all of you.’

Since 1 November 2016  World Editions is a part of the Libella publishing group, a truly European publishing group based in Switzerland, France and Poland.

Vera Michalski-Hoffmann (1954) publisher of Libella :  ‘World Editions is an international publishing house that aims to make the most important literary titles available for the greatest possible audience, in order to promote an intercultural dialogue. We are delighted that World Editions is part of the Libella group.’

Judith can be reached by email on: or by phone on: +31 6 13653595.


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