Charles den Tex

Charles den Tex is a highly acclaimed author, whose work has been compared to that of John Grisham, Michael Crichton and Michael Ridpath. He lived in London and Paris before returning to the Netherlands, where he worked as a copy writer and communications and management advisor. Charles den Tex is a three-time winner of the Golden Noose, the Dutch annual prize for the best thriller. His novel CEL ('Cell') was longlisted for the prestigious Libris Literature Prize 2009. Mr. Miller was broadcast as a TV series on Dutch television. Film rights have been sold to 20th Century Fox Studios. Photo: © Esther Hessing

'Den Tex doesn't write a single line unthinkingly. His language continuously sparkles and surprises.' —NRC Handelsblad



Title Date Format Price
Finding Her 3 November 2016 Paperback  19,99
Finding Her 3 November 2016 E-book  10,99
Mr. Miller 4 June 2015 Paperback  17,99
Mr. Miller 4 June 2015 E-book  9,99

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