Esther Gerritsen

Esther Gerritsen (the Netherlands) is an established novelist and playwright. Her successful novel Craving was published in English last year and shortlisted for the Vondel Prize. Roxy was nominated for the Dutch Libris Literature Prize and film rights have been sold. Photo: © Paulina Szafranska

‘Esther Gerritsen shows an almost surgical ability to slice to the bare nerves of difficult human relationships.’—The Daily Mail


Roxy21 April 2016Paperback 15,99
Roxy1 April 2016E-book 8,99
Craving (UK edition)8 January 2015Paperback 15,99
Craving (UK edition)8 January 2015E-book 9,99
Craving (US edition)8 January 2015Paperback 15,99