World’s Best Mother

Motherhood, Ambivalence, Writing, Ambition, Infertility, History, Sexuality, Love, Abortion, Philosophy, Marriage, Infidelity

A thirty-five-year-old writer decides she wants to have children. Rounds of IVF treatments and several years later, she has two daughters and sits down to write this book. World’s Best Mother is a sublime journey—through pregnancy, the mothering of small children, marriage, an affair—which unfolds in a heady mix of anecdote, imagination, and social commentary. Clever and insightful, the narrator examines the myth, but also the scam, of motherhood, openly dialoguing with voices of the past that in one way or another have fueled her condition as a woman: from the legendary hominid Lucy—“the mother of humanity”—to Cinderella, passing through Plato, Mother Teresa, Darwin, Maupassant, and Simone de Beauvoir along the way. Humor, love, and horror converge in this lively auto-fictional battle between the intensity of child rearing and the writer trying to fight her way out.

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June, 2021




Nuria Labari

Nuria Labari was born in Santander and has degrees in Political Science from the University of the Basque Country … Read more

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Praise for World’s Best Mother:

“A sincere, revealing and visceral chronicle of motherhood.”
El Pais

“Prepare to read a book like you’ve never read before, one that breaks the bounds of the narrative and the biographical, the conventions of both traditional and alternative values. A book of humor, love, and pain; as intoxicating as strong wine and as tumultuous as life. The truth is that I can’t imagine the possibility of someone not liking it.”

“A story told from the edge of a knife, a fictionalized chronicle that investigates pain and darkness, but also love, solidarity, and hope.”

“In clean, quick, and pointed prose that gets into the reader’s soul from the start, Labari’s novel leaves space for reflections on pain and makes room for understanding and coming to the aid of the fragile, incidental individual in today’s society.”
El Confidencial

“Nuria sheds a light on this chaos of darkness that I inhabit when I think about my motherhood (or non-motherhood).”

“Nuria Labari shows that living motherhood and writing about it is the new punk. A book against social conventions and against the predictable.”

“There are many ways to talk about motherhood, but Nuria Labari’s book is profoundly original and brilliant. This novel is an explosion, an intellectual journey through the most primary instincts and the most human love. Nuria Labari has written a necessary book on a universal theme.”

“Labari infuses this story with some of her own experience, going beyond the life of a protagonist who lifts the veil on stereotypes and turning this text into a universal story about motherhood loaded with humanity, doubts, humor, regrets and imperfections.”
El Diario

“This novel joins the debate already opened by public figures such as Samanta Villar: the ambivalence generated by motherhood in contemporary female identity.”

“For Labari, the important thing is to take the issue of motherhood to the streets and to books, to take away that sense of duty to be maternal that floods us and infiltrates our way of living sex.”
PAOLA ARAGÓN, Fashion & Arts

“Nuria Labari’s book must be read slowly, with a pencil, underlining. And, at the end of each chapter, get up, walk, think. It is both a necessary and insufficient book: we need more women, we need more mothers, more non-mothers, more workers, more artists, more grandmothers, more cleaners, more executives, more single mothers … We need more voices. That said: how well you think and what a pleasure to read you, Labari. Somebody take care of those girls for a while, please. Let Nuria keep writing.”